Afternoon tea in Bath Somerset

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Our Bath Bakery is located on Pulteney Bridge and you can’t miss the relaxing sanctuary of Brigit’s Bakery, with its fabulous terrace overlooking the River Avon.

On the South of River Avon, you will be able to admire the Victorian and Edwardian terraces.

Bath in Somerset is a very attractive city with lovely architecture. Very pretty, with a lovely river, it is also surrounded by green hills on all sides.

Because of architecture and National Trust owns all the skyline it is very pretty.

Just 90 minutes from London, it is the perfect location for your weekend!

Bath sightseeing – history, culture, and Afternoon Tea

Are you planning a sightseeing trip to Bath? Maybe a long weekend over the summer holidays? If you're after some inside tips on the best Bath sightseeing landmarks and activities, look no further. Home to some of the most stunning and iconic Georgian architecture, Bath is a must for anyone visiting the UK or planning [...]

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